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Spotify stops playing the music when iPhone blocks manual or automatically..

Spotify stops playing the music when iPhone blocks manual or automatically..

Need help! when i go running and start a playlist... suddenly the phone blocks away so the music is playing algo stops, and when i try to play it again when blocked nothing starts but with no sounds.

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Hi indev13, can you provide more detail on this? 

- What iPhone/iOS are you using?

- Do you have a premium subscription?

- Are you using any fitness tracking apps or other background tasks on your phone?


Kind Regards,


The Peace Lounge

Hi! Yes

My iphone is 6S

i have a premium subscription

and not using any other app besides Spotify or whatsapp at the same time..


So to confirm, Spotify stops playback when your iPhone locks?



Hi Indev13,

Did yuo have any luck with your problem?

So with a similar problem I had. I made sure to close all other apps in my phone and then I restarted my phone and it seemed to work again. If it doesn’t try deleting the app and re-downloading it?

Hi! Sounded to me like an under-the-hood problem with Apple's auto detection features (the pop-up below the multi-task view when you plug in your headphones). If Sportify is the last running service it should stay working. I would imagine even plugging in your headphones, opening spotify and closing it before re-opening it to run should ensure this never happens! Hope this helps. 


P.S. I doubrt the problem is the Spotify app itself so I'll keep looking online for you! 

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