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Stuttering on FIRST scroll in playlist with 120hz iPhone

Stuttering on FIRST scroll in playlist with 120hz iPhone

Listen, if I'm the only one that can see this then I will shut up, but it has been an issue ever since the iPhones got 120hz screens. In fact, if I limit my phone 60hz the issue goes away! But here is the issue I'm seeing:

Lets say I go to the 'Country Mix' (although it doesnt matter what playlist, if there is a playlist cover, the issue happens), the playlist appears on my screen, then when I make the first scroll down, it very obviously stutters. Like it is dropping frames or something. I'm not sure if it the animation that occurs when you are scrolling down and it hides the playlist cover at the top, a hardware issue, etc. However, after I perform the initial scroll....The stuttering is not there. I can go all the way back to the top and start the scrolling over and it scrolls flawlessly. It's the just initial scrolling that hides the playlist cover at the top that seems to be the issue. IMO.

I don't think it is the screen itself because the screen changed from the iPhone 13 pro to the iPhone 14 pro and the issue is still at hand. But then at the same time the issue is NOT present on the Pixel 6 Pro with 120hz. I honestly think it is just a Spotify iOS optimization issue.

So why is it ONLY on the iPhone with 120hz and why does the issue go away when I limit my phone to 60hz? It's frustrating because it's all I see now when I use Spotify. Which is daily and a lot lol

Any ideas?

6 Replies

I have this problem too on my 13 Pro, everytime i start scrolling it stutters pretty bad for a second, then it goes back to normal. Setting the phone to 60hz fixes it completely.  I can't tell if this is Spotify's fault or just bad variable refresh rate implantation

from Apple.

I've upgraded to the 14 Pro, and sadly, 4 months after posting my comment, the issue is still here, even on a new phone...

Oh my god. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who noticed this. I have iPhone 14 Pro with iOS 17.3.1 and this remains an issue. I face scrolling stutter in the “All” tab with ProMotion enabled. I agree with the statement that it seems like the framerate is dropping midscroll so it might not be visible to some users. Switching to 60hz seems to eliminate this frame dropping though

I'm now on an iPhone 15 Pro Max and almost a year later after my last comment, the issue's still present. But i have a feeling Apple's a bit too aggressive with its ProMotion thingy, where the frame drops down a lot more than it should, which is why this issue can sometimes be seen on other 3rd party apps too. No idea if its a bug or just a feature to save battery, but yeah, not a big fan. Especially since my dad's Samsung A53 with 120Hz is buttery smooth on all apps, including Spotify.


No idea if this "issue" will ever be fixed, but at this point we just gotta live with it. Who knows, maybe iOS 18 will bring improvements to this.

I think what’s happening is that Spotify’s framerate is not properly synced to the screen’s refresh rate (120hz). This is just my hunch as this kind of stuttering also happens in PC gaming. You can search the concept of “vsync” for that. So yeah, feels minor but I do think this is an optimization issue which hopefully Spotify devs can notice for them to fix.

Yes, there is a problem, it's very annoying

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