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Track skips 2-3 seconds ahead when switching back to Spotify in CarPlay

Track skips 2-3 seconds ahead when switching back to Spotify in CarPlay

Ever since the latest update, whenever switching back to Spotify/Now Playing in CarPlay, the track skips ahead 2-3 seconds. For example, you’re in Maps, and you tap the Spotify icon on the left hand side; Spotify opens and the current track skips ahead.


Edit: Can confirm gregthewalrus3’s issue as well. Shuffle order gets reset/changed every time the app is launched, in addition to the track skipping ahead 2-3 seconds. 

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I'm having the exact same issue! When I open Spotify from the phone, or unlock my phone and Spotify comes up, it skips ahead. 

exact same problem here. just got a car and was worried it was the car & not the app.

I've also been having this problem for the past few days. In addition to the skipping ahead, it also resets the shuffle order (as in, the current song skips ahead a second and then becomes the first song in the playlist shuffle even though I already listened to 5-10 songs into the original shuffle order...)


This is extremely frustrating because I'm trying to listen to a whole playlist over multiple commutes, but it keeps playing the same songs over and I can't get through the whole 40 song playlist without it doing this.

I have the same problem 😞 hoping this can be fixed soon

Having the same problem with my iPhone 7 and Sony receiver. I re-installed the Spotify app which resolved the issue yesterday, but today the problem came right back. 

Same thing here. Every new update gets worse and worse

Update: I contacted @SpotifyCares on twitter and was told I had a "duplicate cache" on my account. They resolved the problem, and I was required to re-install the app. So far, this has fixed the problem. I'll update if it pops back up. 

I also contacted them and had the same response. I followed their instructions but their problem came back for me and probably will for you again in a few hours. 

The issue has not come back for me so I think this is resolved. 

Yes, it looks like they fixed the issue. 

I still experience this problem on both work PC (Ubuntu 19.10) and Android (Samsung S9 with latest updates).  Tried to delete the cache, reset the app but nothing helps. It's totally random - if I replay the same part of the song that just jumped it doesn't happen. Very frustrating!

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