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Tracks not downloading - very frustrating

Tracks not downloading - very frustrating

Having trouble downloaidng songs for offline use, which I need quite a bit of the time. I have plenty of space available; some seem to download and others do not. I was reading on the help section about a maximum amount of songs that you can have, why would you do such a thing spotify? How do I find out how many songs I have?

I have an iPhone 6 (model MG4C2B/A) with iOS 9.0.1



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I am having the same problem, but only when I am trying to create one particular playlist. All my other playlists are fine and will download. It just keeps getting stuck on this one playlist. Will download a bunch of songs and then I get the message "Available offline. Waiting to download."

I have same issue as you both but can't sync anything. I certainly don't have 3,333 songs sync'd. I can't even sync one.

Same here! I found out that the songs I'm playing on my iPhone will be available offline after I've played them. But ofcourse that's not really how it should be, waiting for five hours before your playlist is fully available online... Hope there's a solution for this problem!

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