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Turn off spotify connect?

Turn off spotify connect?

Hi, I'd like to know how to turn off spotify connect, it is not a function I like to have turn on automatically when it detects other devices in the network.
Many thanks
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Bluetooth has nothing to do with connect.

@JazzyWan - If that is the case then it probably needs reporting. Can you grab us a screenshot of your Connect screen showing unknown devices?

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@jwylot maybe Bluetooth "shouldn't" have anything to do with connect HOWEVER my Pebble Smartwatch IS a Bluetooth device that keeps popping up in the connect screen

@Peter today I was at our family dinner where we had maybe 10 different smartphones on wifi - it tried connecting to every device on the wifi at one point or another. This is an AWFUL feature that the user should be able to control

Could you try and grab us a screenshot to report this to the dev guys?

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@Peter sorry if this seems rude but I don't care so much about helping the Dev team - when the issue at hand is being ignored. We want to be able to DISABLE this functionality.

If we could disable it none of this would even be an issue so reporting it would be unnecessary (because is never know about any if these problems if I could just turn OFF the connect feature)

I don't want a bandaid for major surgery

@JazzyWan - Sorry just trying to help out. I understand you want the functionality to turn Spotify Connect off, but what you are reporting on top of that is a bug which most likely could be fixed. I'm not convinced your problem is actually related to Spotify Connect however, if you are seeing a bluetooth device that is most likely Airplay not Spotify Connect. 

Unfortunately the development team won't take much notice unless we either get multiple reports (but currently yours is the only one I have seen of connect devices not logged into the same account) or a screenshot of the issue. If you don't want to help out then that is fine.

Spotify Community Mentor and Troubleshooter

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@Peter thanks - the problem isn't AirPlay related - as it ONLY happens when I have spotify open and it ONLY comes up on the Spotify connect option

Everything about my AirPlay and Apple Devices is Working As Designed

I appreciate your attempt to help. Since I actually pay monthly for Spotify I'll be calling the billing area to deal with this; but I thought I would look for a solution here first.

While I might be the only person here so far to have all of these issues with connect. I didn't start this thread so clearly I'm not the only person having some issues with it and that HATES not having the ability to disable it

Hey @JazzyWan ,


Can you send us screenshot so we can iinvestigate what is going on?




What am I listening now? What am I listening to.


Check how Spotify is going. @SpotifyStatus


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It is just terrible, connect at times connects to other devices that is not even using it is disturbing.  My cellphone actually turned on in class when my sister attempted to use on her device.  It is terrible really.

Please give the option to turn it off!

@raul4916 If you weren't breaching the Spotify terms and conditions by sharing an account, it wouldn't be an issue.


Very well,
It is still very annoying having to attempt to use the tablet that I own, and the song starts playing on the cellphone.
Well better go off to beats now if this does not change soon...

been a customer for 2 years, it is sad having to leave.

Are you guys still seeing this issue with the most recent version v0.7.8.566 on android?

It appears to have made my android device un-connectable sometimes when it is inactive.

Spotify Community Mentor and Troubleshooter

Spotify Last.FM Twitter LinkedIn Meet Peter Rock Star Jam 2014

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I completely agree it is utter ridiculous you can't turn this annoying feature off. It has completely ruined my Spotify experience. I am now competing with my daughter for who is connected. If they don't fix this I will be looking for an alternative.

Get your daughter her own account and don't share - it's against spotify's terms.


I was unable to get a screenshot but I can confirm the bug.


My Android phone was suddenly playing music (The Smith's....wth?) on a device connected via Spotify Connect. The device name was "Adam's iphone" and there is no Adam that I know anywhere near where I live.


I also checked my wifi and could find no unwanted device connected to it (WPA2 encrypted). Bluetooth also had no connected devices on the phone. I simply have no clue how this can be.





So the post on this issue has been out for some time and i see two different cases, one being the people who have one account and several devices (work, personal, etc) and the second being people having one account and the family devices under this account.


for the first case i agree that "connect" will allow you to control your new fancy speakers but why do I need to control the other phone or tablet which speakers are as small as the ones from the device i'm controlling it from? for me this still makes no sense.


for the second, I understand the T&C's and we should support the industry, ok, but "connect" is not the solution, people will get by with offline mode and downloading more playlists.... there are smarter ways Spotify can increase # of accounts = +$ 

I'm getting the same thing. Noticed it at home, kept trying to connect to Nick's iPhone from my HTC One. Nothing else was connected to my wifi and blue tooth was off. I started cycling to the gym and my phone became possessed, kept starting to play Beatles songs and connecting to Nicks iPhone well out of range of my wifi!

Spotify should allow people within the same household to share one Spotify account. I don't know too many people who would be willing to have 2 separate paid accounts for a husband and wife. It's a nice service for $9.99, but not for $19.98 per month.

I agree, connect is annoying at times. I truly enjoy Spotify and will most likely stick with it. My issue is similar. I have two devices connected on my account. When I travel to and from work, I use my cell phone and play music over my motorcycle speakers via bluetooth. So sometimes in the middle of my journey home, my music will quit.. The next chance I look at my phone, music is playing but on my other device that no one is using....


I could eliminate that completely by using offline mode, which is why I purchased the subscription features anyway, especially on a motorcycle. I used to use slacker but their cache download was horrible. So if you are away from home, just use offline mode and dont forget to follow your station or playlist and it will update or refresh overnight. When you are home, use live streaming...


Thats the best fix I know of. Joe and Pete are just posting the same info, screen shot and too bad, you are breaking the rules... Just ignore their useless posts.


And as my husband just said... paying for 2 Spotify subscriptions would be like paying for 2 cable services because we each watch our own TV. They should allow one subscription per household.

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