Unable to view Length / Run-Time of Albums


Unable to view Length / Run-Time of Albums


Ever since the most recent iOS update, I can no longer see the run time / length of albums. Is it hiding somewhere else?


Would be nice to see how long an album is so I can know whether or not I have time to listen to it uninterrupted...

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Casual Listener

Ridiculous that it was removed and replaced with the number of songs on the album. How about you just put the numbers next to the songs and give us the run time back! How am I supposed to know how long an album is now? Should I click on each song and add up all the lengths?? Come on Spotify this is garbage why would you remove something as necessary as album run time. On top of all this I can see a playlists run time, why the **bleep** would I need that but not album run time? Absolutely ridiculous. Apple Music is free with my cellphone carrier also, might have to make the switch if this doesn’t get fixed.