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View all songs of artist?

View all songs of artist?


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I'm looking for the list of all songs of an artist, on iOS. I know when you search an artist, you can scroll down to "See all artists," "See all songs," "See all playlists," etc. Clicking on “See all songs” kind of works, but it’s still inefficient.


What I'm looking for is to view all songs from the artist's page. I know you can click on “See Discography” and it’ll bring you to all their albums. Problem with that is if you don’t know what album the song you want is on, you have to go through each one until you find it (inefficient). Is there a way that you can be on the artist’s page and view a literal list of all their songs? If not, there should be. You should be able to order the list by date, album, popularity, alphabetical order, whatever.

The closest thing I can find to this is on the desktop app where you can show the albums and all their songs in a list.

I’ve only had Spotify for a month or so and haven’t used it much on my phone, but the more I use it, the more I hate how inefficient and illogical it is.

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Hey @inboardshooter,


Thanks for reaching out. You have 2 ways you can see all songs of a specified artist.


The first way is to use the This Is playlist of that artist. For example for Queen, it's:


Every artist on Spotify has this playlist featuring their biggest hits and songs which will be sufficient for you as a discography page.


The second way is to search for the artist's own playlist. Some artists create their own playlists and place all of their songs which can be found under their profiles > artist playlists. Billie Eilish has one for example.


Hope this helps 🙂




Hello there,

Thanks for the reply. However, this response does not address the question of the previous user. What happened to the "See all" link that was there a couple of years ago (at list on the desktop version of Spotify).


There is no way to do that on the app, it’s dumb.

i thought you might be able to on premium but nope! The company with the massive database full of music can’t do it so each artist or user has to do it themselves



I believe you used to be able to do this at least on the desktop app but I think this should be a standard feature on all platforms.

It's an issue for me mostly because I mostly listen to EDM. If the song is not brand new and is a collab or on someone else's album, it can be a major pain to find it without a list of all tracks by that artist, nearly impossible in some cases on the mobile app. 

This does not answer the question. What happened to the "Songs" tab for a given artist?

This is available on all Apple Music platforms. You can view all songs on both desktop and Mobile device. 

Sorry to say sir but your solution doesn't seems to a solution to me...

So it's been over a year now and the feature to see all of an artists songs on a single page still does not exist, or am I missing something? This seems like a basic no-brainer feature to have.

Absolutely baffling that they do not have such a basic and easy to implement feature as list all and filter. I am using Android and it also doesn't have it.


I am considering changing music providers over it and cancelling premium.

Yeah it's really confusing why they don't have this simple and pretty straightforward feature.

I found that this is pointed out by some other people long ago and they didn't seem to take it seriously, pretty shame.

I'm gonna cancel my premium if they don't do anything about this before end of this year..

Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community - We appreciate all your feedback!


Going forward, we'd like to refer you to the Idea Exchange or any further feedback you might have, where you can either vote for an existing idea or you can submit your own idea.


There's a relevant idea for what you're suggesting here - feel free to add your vote to it to show your support. The Community team is actively bringing your feedback to the internal teams at Spotify - check how here.


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any further questions.

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Don't know how to do it with iOS app, but you can use Chrome extension and create playlist of all artist's songs and then listen it on your iOS app. Here is that extension:

That's a characteristic that existed years ago, there's no sense to remove them

A lot of times i want to listen all song from an artist or one that the app don't consider a hit
So find them into the albums and singles it's a nightmare,

Years ago also you can make a playlist as the playable so when a song from another playlist end new playlist start

@Xenia: The feature existed. it existed AFTER 2015 (the 'suggestion' you posted is from 2015). It does not give the impression the "internal teams" care. If it is otherwise, I would love to see something else than "thanks for calling" or "this is a solution" (it is not)....

Am browsing this forum now for quite some times, tons of ppl had the question, noone a solution.


And to be forced to "suggest a feature" that EXISTED in the past and obviously is missed should not be needed.


Instead pls tell me: IS THE FEATURE STILL EXISTING but got replaced, and we are to blind to find it? Or got it just removed without any useful replacement? Need to know.

THanks 🙂

Found it, at least on desktop app:


They actually just hid it real good.....seems not many ppl have figured it out though, looking at the threats tackling this topic.


1. Go to artists page (search, click name under a song, whatever...)

2. scroll down to "albums", click it.

3. now click on the "list" option on the upper right. (see screenshot)


Weird the official stuff did not point that out, and everyone and their grandma either do not seem to know or suggest "search". 😕

Glad I gave it a last try before deinstaling...


have a nice day.


spotify_show songs of artist.PNG

It’s amazing how they don’t have this feature on iPhone. They don’t even understand what it causes. It just means people continue to listen to the top 5 songs of the artist and never find gems which THEY like and not the popular songs. It reduces the level of all people to the same common taste. Just like “see similar artists” which blocks people from finding new music they might  learn to like. The most basic feature of see all songs is missing. I absolutely going to cancel the premium membership. It just shows the developers belong to the young generation who only appreciate the fancy and easy to digest things. 

Hey @amirn,


Thanks for the post.


You can view the full discography of any artist on Mobile as well.


All you need to do is go to their Artist Profile > Scroll a down a bit to Popular Releases > click on See discography. Then you'll see all their released Albums/ Singles/ EPs.


Hope you find this information useful, when searching for music from new artists 🙂


If you need more help with anything, you can always reach out again.


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Spotify moderator, I am a new subscriber of duo. Your suggestion doesn’t works. That only able to see all albums. But not all songs. Simple function yet a billion dollar company cannot implement . Is a shame serious 

So is this obvious oversight fixed? Would love to do this on android. Come on...

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