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What's up with this new Home screen?

What's up with this new Home screen?

Whats up with the new home screen being random playlist? Its really bad, can I change it back?

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I canceled. It's easy to come back if Spotify comes to its senses. 

Hi @echo_the_cute_wolf, 


Thanks for confirming the Spotify is in fact attempting to 'pivot' to visual content. Some may say a failed attempt, but an attempt all the same, but  it makes this whole mess a lot clearer. 


I would strongly disagree that you can actually ignore the visual content, because you get 6 precious playlists, and... VISUAL CONTENT! Noisy visual content at that.  Noisy visual content that you can't actually turn off. The only other options are just plain old search. 


I can't state simply enough how bad this is. It's like a company who is really good at making cars, suddenly going " you know what guys, we were great at making cars, and we know that's what you loved us for, but now, we're making snow toboggans! Please keep giving us your business!". Now yes, I understand that some people who use cars may well quite like a snow toboggan... but most normal people who use cars DO NOT SUDDENLY WANT TO BUY SNOW TOBOGGANS. That's probably an awful analogy, but just wanted to illustrate what a departure this change is from Spotify's previous role of delivering an enjoyable music experience. 

1. It is no longer entirely a music experience.

2. What music experience there is no longer enjoyable. 


I don't quite know your role here, but I assume you have some line to people who matter at Spotify. Before I jump from this burning, sinking ship, can you please provide an explanation as to why it is not possible to have an option to turn off the new UI/UX, and go back to actually getting some benefit from premium membership? They have already spent the money on the new home page, so why would they not provide a simple switch that meant people who would otherwise stop paying for premium, could turn off the hellfire, and happily keep paying? 


Thank you. 

Just ignore the echo person.

I'm pretty sure by now they are trolling to get attention. A play pretend corporate moderator to get people to click the playlist.

Hey there folks,


Thank you for your posts and feedback.


As this thread here has become too general and has grown a bit old, going forward, we'd like to close it off and refer you to post in our new Home Feed Update feedback thread.



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I am so sick and tired of having to find stuff that I want easy access to. It seems as if Spotify wants us to search for a needle in a haystack for EVERYTHING these days. The idea of an intuitive UI is gone, and now it is all about making us be the tool for the App, rather than the app being a tool we want to love to use.


 So, that all said, STOP HIDING Release Radar! Stop shoving podcasts in my face. The fact that you keep making it harder and harder to use your app makes me want to stop using it altogether. Developers are so focussed on making their own design systems that they lose sight of being intuitive. 


I don't want to spend five minutes looking for a playlist that I keep putting on the top of my lists, only to have YOU MOVE IT. Stop Changing what we setup.


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