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What's up with this new Home screen?

What's up with this new Home screen?

Whats up with the new home screen being random playlist? Its really bad, can I change it back?

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Hey there folks,


Thank you for your posts and feedback.


As this thread here has become too general and has grown a bit old, going forward, we'd like to close it off and refer you to post in our new Home Feed Update feedback thread.



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It's insane. Imagine all the time and money that has been spent on this, and all the layers of review and approval... and yet here we are with an utterly awful UX. Have yet to speak to a single person who doesn't hate it. It'll be interesting to see Spotify's profits in the next few months. 


Somewhere in Spotify, there is a person or group of people saying "I/we told you they'd all hate it", and feeling totally vindicated right now. I agree someone should be fired for leading the company down this path.


A simple on/off option would fix everything. They would get an almost instant idea of who is actually using it, and whether it is worth pursuing/continuing/supporting. If 80% of users are loving it, then us haters can go find another platform... but still, all for the sake of that on/off switch. 


The new layout stops from discovering anything new, and restricts options. If things were a bit smaller, and you could see several albums/playlists at a time, it would be a much more pleasant experience, and user friendly.

Been around on spotify for a very very long time and very close to cancelling over this UI.  It's just objectively bad in every single way.feels like it was designed by someone who simply doesn't use the app, or really any cell phone at all.  

Spotify needs to give us the option to return to the old feed, this feature may be nice for some but for me it is very frustrating and annoying, with the removal of the recently listened section and making reccomendations much more annoying to sort through. It makes me only want to use the desktop version and it is making me consider switching to a different service. The old home was perfect, there’s no need to change. 

All categories, themes, groups, recommendations are gone.

Please get rid of the auto play videos. I use Spotify to listen, not to watch videos.

Disappointed I am unable to switch back.

Please, choose an app design that is conducive to listening to music, e.g. any of the previous designs.

If you'd like to create a tiktok-esque experience, add it as a feature and let people that want to listen to music skip it. Thank you

I just saw new home screen. You wan't feedback for that abortion? You'd have to disable profanity filter first.


Its horrible. Its unusable. Its autoplaying badly picked content I'll never watch.

This needs to be reverted back or else I'll be forced to switch to Apple Music

Listen I get that tiktok is taking over the world and every single app is trying to be like tiktok, but endless scrolling is sooo unhealthy and there should at least be a way to turn it off like there is with driving mode. It's especially annoying how it just plays things on the home page before you're ready. Please just make a switch to turn it off I am begging you.

I hate this new change! It's impossible to navigate. The recommendations are not relevant to me at all.

Nobody wants this! Look at how many pages of responses there are. It's a terrible design choice for a music app. There's a reason Spotify is so popular. It doesn't need these major changes that make the app harder to navigate. This is almost as bad as when you guys tried to remove the widget and we all unsubscribed then until you brought it back. I'm about to unsubscribe from 

Just got this new homescreen since last night but it's terrible, those auto play video's are a no go for me. I did love Spotify but this makes me wanna switch to another platform. I'm fine with suggestions but not with**bleep** videos of artists I never listen to and do not fit into my genre either and auto play on those things is the worst. please revert this change.

Somehow only just got this and it's worse than useless. I cannot see my daily mixes, repeat rewind, time capsule etc. anywhere. The autoplaying videos are obnoxious and the recommendations irrelevant with, as usual, no way to feed back this fact. It was bad enough when you started putting podcasts on the homepage but at least those were comparatively unobtrusive. If I was on a free account I could understand since you've got to pay the bills but why am I essentially being advertised to as a paying user?

I quit my duo subscription yesterday. I wrote to the support but their answer indicates that they don‘t care.

I hope others will follow, seem like the only way to let them rethink of what they are doing with such useless changes…


The new home screen is awful! It's so hard to find playlists and music now. Spotify's UI team has lost their minds. I'm going to be downloading an older app version now. Ridiculous.

Android users can downgrade to this version:


And get the old home screen back. Then be sure to disable automatic updates in Google Play store so you don't get the new version. 


Spotify, what the **bleep**?? 

Cancelled my Subscription. The fact that the sound is played directly from the reels without being asked despite a silent mobile phone is even more unbearable than the view itself. +1 Subscription @ AM

New home screen is slow to scroll, provides no overview and forces you to listen to stuff you don't want. Really need to disable it, cannot understand anyone approved this change.

I hate it deeply. I guess everyone here got this update in September, but it just showed up in mine yesterday. I can't imagine why this passed the brainstorming stage of UI development. It's utterly, fantastically, irredeemably awful. All it does is make me want to go to Libby and listen to audiobooks. 

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