Your music not in ipad version


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Come on !

You updated ipad versión today ...
we can not use it, i ´ve just updated all my music to new format .... and now i can not use it in the ipad


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Ive been hearing 1-3 months for a while.  I call B.S. How about a subscription credit for those who cant use the ipad app the way it should be.

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We need to start pushing publicaly about this. I tweeted to @SpotifyCares asking when they would have this feature on ipad and was told, 

"We don't have an exact date for Your Music on iPad but we'll let our developers know you're keen to see it!"


WHAT???? This is a feature available on every other Spotify platform (Iphone, Android, Mac and PC apps) but not on Ipad and you don't have a date to add it there? What the what????


I think it's time to try and make our dissastifaction known more publicaly on FB, Twitter, Reddit, etc.) with lots of posts all tagging Spotify and using a hashtag. 


On Twitter, be sure to tag @Spotify and @Spotifycares. MAKE THEM FIX THIS!

Re: Your music not in ipad version

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Not available on Windows Phone either.

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Re: Your music not in ipad version


That's just so dumb. Unforgiveable!


When YOUR MUSIC came along I deleted lots of my playlists and organized my musics in there using the desktop app, just to find out right after that I cannot access them on my iPad, wich I use a lot to listen to music.


Really, Spotify! Way to go! Epic, EPIC FAIL!

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I agree.

Very disappointing, I can't see why the iPad does not offer the same interface as the iPhone.

Works like a dream on the iPhone, with playlists, songs, albums, ....


Please Spotify, fix this quickly!

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Well, what's the story, morning glory? Is the iPad update ever going to happen? Seems like a cruel joke at this point to not have access to "Your Music" everywhere.

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If you notice, Spotify on iPad still does not have the 'Discover' feature which launched almost a year ago.  I imagine it will be a long, long time until it sees the 'Your Music' functionality.  

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This is really frustrating. The 'my music' functionality came back in April (at the latest?) and it's now late June...what's the hold up??

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Unbelievable. Spotify made an outstanding music platform and cannot port that iPhone enhancement to the iPad platform !!!
That's a (bad) joke.
Worst than that, they do not reply seriously to their customers although they are paying monthly.
In my company charter, the first point is about customer satisfaction.
I was fan.