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chromecast audio groups confusion

chromecast audio groups confusion



Running iOS 11.3.1 and recently reinstalled Spotify to try to resolve this with no luck.


Until recently I would see all my chromecast audio devices listed, as well as a couple groups I had created, whenever I tried to cast using spotify connect with my phone.


Now, I don't see all individual Chromecast audios, but I still see all groups.

For example, I have a chromecast audio called kitchen, which is also part of a group called whole house. I see the group, but not the individual chromecast.


If I select whole house, it still casts to the entire group, including kitchen. I can see other individual chromecasts that are part of this group.


If I delete all groups, suddenly I see all chromecasts again. It's like spotify is confused  when distinguishing bewtween groups and individual chromecast audios.


If I go to Google home, Pandora, SoundCloud, Tunein radio, or Mixcloud, they all see each group and each individual chromecast just fine.



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I have the exact same problem with the Spotify App for iOS. I can see the chromecast groups but not the individual chromecast audios so I can't cast to an individual chromecast anymore. It used to work fine until last week or so. I still see both the groups and the individual crhomecast devices using the Spotify web player in Chrome.

Another sufferer.  Recently there has been a charge.  Now on the iPhone app, I can see some of my individual Chromecasts (I have 3 Audios and a TV), but not all and only one of the 'groups' that I have created.  And which 'group' that is, changes too.  So I can stream to a 'group' (Downstairs) but there is a Chromecast in that group called 'Lounge' and that is not listed as a seperate device.  All other apps can see all devices and 'groups'.  If I delete a 'group', and recreate it, Spotify will see it but I don't know for how long.  (Just now, 'Lounge' has reappeared and 'Downstairs' group has disappeared!)


Ii's pretty hopeless.  I have had this problem only in the last two weeks.


Spotify version

iOs version 10.3.3

I’m having the exact same problem... really annoying. 

I am having this problem as well. I have two chromecast audios, sometimes when trying to cast to one of them, I'll only see the other one, along with my groups. Other music apps as well as the Google Home app see each Chromecast just fine. When I can get my phone to connect to my Chromecast, it'll constantly buffer. For reference, I tried playing music from Google Play Music with absolutely no problems, but when switching to Spotify, the Chromecast stopped playing music 19 times for 5-10 seconds each time. I've attempted factory resets and reinstalling Spotify to no avail.


iPhone 6s, iOS 11.3.1

Chromecast Audio, Firmware 1.30.111140

Spotify Version

I got the same problem. As soon as there's a chromecast group, the iPhone and iPad app doesn't see all members of the group anymore. I tried restarting the app and the chromecast devices. When I delete the group the individual chromecast audio devices are displayed again. The group and devices(chromecast audio) are visible in the google home app and the same thing works on the android version of spotify app. Please fix it fast.

I'm experiencing the exact same issues.

No response from Spotify as yet?

I have been in contact with Google and they don't have a solution.

What other apps are people using for testing/using the Chromecast Audios? Cannot get Pandora here in Australia, unfortunately. 



I have the same problem. In rare cases Spotify sees my Chromecast groups and can play music on them, but in most cases it sees only the individual speakers. I haven't found a reliable and convenient way to make this work. When you google the problem description, you find Spotify forum postings reaching as far back as 2016. So, obviously, spotify is not unaware of the problem but it seems it is not important enough for them to fix.

I have moved from Apple Music to Spotify because of Apple's lack of Chromecast support. If Spotify chooses to continue to ignore the problem, I'll move on to Google's Youtube Music as soon as it is available in Switzerland.

Same problem here... for probably more than a month now.

Nobody's listening, my friend. The Spotify technical department has been swallowed up by the ether!!! 

1,573 Views on the comments that I've made about this topic across the Help platform..... with NO reply, No Response, No word from Support?
And yet ANOTHER week goes bye and NO acknowledgement, NO solution, NO follow up. NO Customer service options. NOthing!

Guys, what the **bleep** is going on?!

Same problem for me, it's rather annoying and even more annoying is that we don't get any updates on if and when somebody is working on it.


For the records: happens for me with only 2 devices and one group. Seems that the iOS Spotify App scans for devices, limits the devices to the number it found but then overrides individual speakers with groups. As soon as I delete the group it can find all individual speakers again.

No problem on android, though.


Spotify please fix that!

Same problem for me. Been happening for months now.

We hear you. Join the gang and grab a ticket! 

It's been MONTHS now and still not ONE word from ANY member of the Spotify Staff. 

Thousands of views on this topic throughout the forum with more and more people finding the same issues. 

Don't expect anything and you won't get disappointed, unfortunately.


I've had enough. Looking for streaming alternative the works with Chromecast devices and speakers. The main problem is music hangs on Spotify Connect and will cause DEVICE NOT TO PLAY ON GOOGLE CAST. There is no way to set priority to one or the other and they do no play together well. Until a year ago everything worked 99.9% flawlessly. I now have all devices set to dedicated network addresses and this stabilizes half the problem. If Spotify would give you an option to protize on cast or connect would help. It obviuos they have nobody working on any fix or finding out when the problem happenned or what the problem is though.  


You're not alone on this. There's STILL been no word at all from any Spotify staff member. Complete silence and nothing less. 


Hellooooo..... It's here too! 

Everyone has the very same issue!

Hey this is still going on. Hey. Hey Spotify. Hey. You're making everyone really sad.

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