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[iOS] Actually Helpful Links and approach to Customer Feedback

[iOS] Actually Helpful Links and approach to Customer Feedback

So I have spent the most of the last hour trying to troubleshoot my app not working on IOS, tried looking for outtages on google, nothing came up. Tried to look for "help" via the help link, my god that was cluttered and a painful experience in itself. I attempted to do a "clean unisntall" and am unable to since I can't even access my account information in the app. Tried to make a post, couldn't until my email has been verified, the email itself took almost 30 minutes to come out. Went through all of this just to have a friend confirm that spotify was down. I do not understand how in 2020, that information is not more easily accessible instead of me wasting an hour of my life.

Ontop of that, trying to contact spotify directly is an absolute putoff. Tried to leave feadback via the survey, after spending more time and actually typing my issue I was greeted with "Your survey answers were not submitted because you have responded" there goes that time. I can't even contact anyone via your contact form, instead I get directed here, so I can't even be discrete with my feedback.

In short, this has been absolutely one of the most painful and irritating "Get Help" scenarios I have ever experienced. Not only am I contemplating just terminating my subscription and relaying my experience to my partner and friends, I would also rather be lost in foreign country with a language I don't speak than go through this again. At least I could actually have some form of meaningful communication, even it was just over-exaggerated hand motions, at least I would feel like I'm being heard or even slightly cared about. This has literally been abysmal at best. So as for a "fresh idea" how about having a form where customers can actually contact you directly instead of doing this, how about making assistance easier to find and maybe having some sort of indication on your page about outtages instead of wasting an hour + of my life I will never be able to get back. Even now, I'm being told I can't post this because I apparently tried to post several messages in 300 seconds??? Now an "unexpected error occured" when I tried to post? What an absolute joke.


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Hey there @Alex235!


Thank you for reaching out on the Community and we're sorry to hear that this has happened to you.


We'll make sure to forward your feedback to the right team here and we'll do our best to explain more about the different ways you can reach us.


In case something goes wrong with the app we have a Twitter page here called Spotify Status that gets immediately updated when the app is not working at its full capacity and when the issue has been fixed.


We also create an Ongoing issue on this forum - you can find the one we had for the latest issue here


You can also see all how to contact all our support channels here. You can reach us via email, chat, Facebook, Twitter and on our Community.


If you had trouble with filling out the contact form for our email support, we'd be grateful for more details on what exactly went wrong so that we'd be able to report this further.


Hope this shines some light on the situation. We'll be here if you need us.

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