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[iOS][Playlists] Queued song starts from where it is queued

[iOS][Playlists] Queued song starts from where it is queued

I have an issue with queueing the same song that is currently playing. When press queue, and the curren song ends and the queued song starts (same as current). If not queued at the beginning of the song, the queued one starts from the point it got queued.

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Hey @Idfu,


Thanks for reaching out. We've moved your post to the Help board as it better fits here.


We've tried reproducing the behavior you've described on our end, however we weren't able to. Would it be possible to send us a video recording of how things look on your end so we can investigate further?


Also, please let us know your device model, OS version and Spotify version.


Keep us posted.

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The issue appears when you have listen on a song and close and shout down the app totally and open up the app again. The song has played ex 2 minutes last time, when I start the app up again and start listening to the song and queue it cuz I want to hear it again, the song starts from 2 minutes into the song.

It seams I can’t attach a video to this thread. “The file type (.MOV) is not supported. Valid file types are: jpg, gif, pdf, png, zip, mp4, txt, log.” Can I send it to you in another way?

It happened on both my old iPhone XR and iPhone 14, various versions of os and app versions. Right now: iPhone 14, iOS version: 16.1.2, Spotify version: 8.7.90


Hey @Idfu,


Thanks for the reply 🙂


Just to confirm, is this happening with a specific song or does it happen no matter what you try to queue? It'd be awesome if you could check. If this is happening with a specific song, it'd be awesome if you send us the link to it. You can do it by following the steps in this article.


On another note, and to answer your question, you can also upload the video to YouTube or Google drive and make it public, so we can visualize it.


Keep us in the loop! 

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