iOS Push Notifications Not Received


iOS Push Notifications Not Received

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I am not receiving any push notifications, nor have I ever from the Spotify app. I'm a Spotify premium account holder, in the US, on an iPhone 5 with the app installed.

I've checked Settings/ Notifications/ Push Notifications/ all toggled "On", but nothing happens. Under Appearance, I've changed from Banner display to Alert, to no avail. Also, I checked my phone's Privacy settings, but Spotify doesn't seem to have any presence there (like Location Services, Contacts, Calendar, etc)

I have multiple collaborative playlists and would love to be notified when a playlist has been modified and from what shared user.


Thank you.
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Re: iOS Push Notifications Not Received

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@FelixKulpa Yeah there are some playlists thats missing out on some notifications lately, its been discussed and it should be much better recently?

There's no notifications for modifications yet.
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