[iOS] Songs keep getting added to wrong playlist

[iOS] Songs keep getting added to wrong playlist

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iPhone 8

Software version 15.4.1


I usually sort my playlists by season and year (e.g. Summer 2021, Summer 2022, etc). Recently I've noticed that when I try to add a song to a playlist on mobile, and I use the "Add to playlist" > "Find playlist" feature to search and add to my latest playlist (e.g. using the keyword "summer"), when I scroll down through the list of playlists that pop up and tap the one I want, the song will be added to a completely different playlist. If I tap "Summer 2022", Spotify will tell me it has added the song to "Summer 2018". It'll do this with a whole bunch of random other playlists that pop up with that search term and never the one I'm actually clicking.


It's super frustrating because now a bunch of outdated playlists have a stack of songs I didn't intend. I suspect it may be a bug with the search feature and some sort of delay or weird lag in how it accumulates playlists on the search page. Whatever it is, it's driving me crazy. I have a video but didn't upload it since I don't know how to record finger taps on iPhone to show what playlist I'm clicking. 


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Hi @sandhannahtizer,


Thanks for the post.


This sounds like there might be some corrupted app files on your phone. We'd recommend running a clean reinstall of the app. Please follow the steps from this Spotify Guide exactly, as this will assure that all app data is cleared completely, before reinstalling.


Also, make sure that the app is granted all permissions in your phone's settings. These settings could be hindering the performance of the app.


Keep us posted on how you get on with this.




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