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premium not working on iphone


premium not working on iphone



my premium account dosnt work on my iphone anymore. Playlists are gone and when i try to stream a song it says: "You need a premium account to play this song".


Why is this?


last premium order id: 76591768015

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Same here!

same here its a joke all i got premium for was to listen to it on the phone will be cancelling subscription 



my iphone 3g is not able to connect to my spotify under devices on my computer no matter how many times i reinstall the application or make sure if they are on the same wifi, use a usb cord to connect them etc, it still will not sync my music from my spotify on my computer to my phone. Why is this not working? I have paid for premium and am not receiving all promised capabilities.



I'm having the same issues.


1. Cannot sync playlists with desktop over wifi, will not connect.

2. Streamed songs will not play or play for 1.5 minutes and then stop, local songs work fine.

3. Radio doesn't play.



My iPhone is saying I dont have a premium account when I do. What gives? this is super annoying.

Qwerty123 - If you haven't already, I'd suggest getting in touch with our payments team. We'd need to take a few security details to get this sorted. Just fill out the form here:

Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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I too am having a problem with getting my account on my iphone. I have a premium account yet the app on my iphone says I don't. 

Hi that is exactly what is happening to my account, I paid for premium but have never been able to get my mobile to see that I am a premium member, it simply says - you need to be a premium member to get this feature! - can someone help????

Just signed up to premium for 30days free and it does not appear to work on iPad or iPhone. Not sure what to do.

Same here. It worked for a bit and then stopped suddenly and keeps insisting I play the music through their radio instead. I just signed up for the 30 day trial today, so I know it's still active.


At first I thought it was perhaps an issue regarding the newly integrated LTE on my iPhone 5, but it turns out it's having the issue on WiFi as well. No clue what the prob is.


Any ideas?

MichaelLXXXV & Buzzbeeboo - Thanks for reporting this. I've escalated this issue and will report back with any updates here. 


In the meantime, please try 1. Sign out/ sign in 2. A clean reinstallation


If you're still not receiving Premium, get in touch via the contact form. From there the payments team can lend a hand. 

I tried all your suggestions, even restarted my phone too, but to no avail. I guess I'll have to contact the payments team. I appreciate your assistance though!



Same problem here. Just upgraded to Spotify Premium last night. Order ID: 112484420016. iPhone app is telling me I do *not* have a Premium account. Deleted/Reinstalled app. Twice. Even deleted Facebook app. Emailed tech support. Twice.


This is not cool.

Unfortunately, same here.  I just signed up for the 30-day trial.  I started using it on iPhone 5 for about 30 mins, then it stopped working (instead it says I'm not premium).  I tried with my FB login and regular username seemingly tied to the same thing, and neither are premium.  


Some receipt info:


Date:           2012-09-21 23:53 UTC
Order ID:       112469576014
Payment type:   PayPal

I got the same issue!


I bought preium for one year.

Even on my macbook I get commercials!!!!

Nothing works on my iPhone


Please help!

I have the same issue, this is REALLY frustrating. 

i have premium accout but will not work on my iphone 

Hi im having the same issue

I got this suggestion from support:


If this link doesn't work:

  1. Log on to The Spotify Community.
  2. Click My Profile.
  3. Click the Subscriptions & Bookmarks tab.
  4. Change your settings and click Save Changes.


unfortunately, it does not work, still in client app and iPhone on free ..... 

Oh, well, an hour ago, @spotifyCares twitter account asked me to send my email address. Appearantly they're on a very long lunch break.... After sending the address it stays creepy quiet...... feel the ghost of Micheal Jackson lurking in my neck.....

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