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premium not working on iphone


premium not working on iphone



my premium account dosnt work on my iphone anymore. Playlists are gone and when i try to stream a song it says: "You need a premium account to play this song".


Why is this?


last premium order id: 76591768015

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I put in card details and it say premium 

Yup, in the website yes....


Not in the app, not on the phone :-((((


I see and hear commercials

Hi everyone - Everything should be working as normal for you now. Apologies for any inconvenience this delay caused yesterday. 


If you're still having trouble please give me a shout. 

Hi, my account is also not working and is saying that I need to download spotify premium in order to use spotify, which I already have. How can this be fixed, thank you!

Hi Sarah0110 - It seems we weren't able to take your payment for October. 


Please head over to your subscription page to make sure your payment details are up-to-date. 

Just installed spotify on my iphone5 - not working - doesn't recognise I'm a premium account, doesn't sync my playlists, nothing.  Is there a major compatibility issue here?


<Edit> after consulting Spotify support I deleted the app, restarted iphone, then reinstalled.  All working now.  Sorry for taking up bandwidth...

Hey! When I woke up this morning I couldn't get spotify premium (that i have paid for in my iphone subscription) to work, so whenever i clicked on a song I had searched for (because my playlists are gone too) it said: ''Premuium Required. Its free to stream on laptop bla bla'' and I have it on my computer and I've had my phone with this subscription for about 3 weeks now.


Its really annoying. What can i do? I know if i ring my phone network they'll have no idea what i'm talking about.



Eleanorthomsen - According to our records you cancelled your Premium subscription last month. Did you recently start a mobile contract that provides Premium?


If so, you need to get in touch with that partner to ensure that Premium is activated on your account. 


**Any other users not receivng Premium should first check their subscription page. If there's an issue with your payments it will be highlighted there. 


However, if your subscription page reads "You have an active Spotify Premium subscription" please get in touch. 

Same here. Just bought spotify premium and four hours later and hundreds of reinstallations of spotify and I still cant get it to work on my phone. If I paid for it I should have it...
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my premium account dosnt work on my iphone anymore. Playlists are gone and when i try to stream a song it says: "You need a premium account to play this song".


Why is this?


last premium order id: 1218279597



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My premium account got shut off a few days ago, i just paid it today, it was taken out of my account, but it is saying I am not a premium user. This is very frustrating, I've tried everything please help!

I just signed up for premium as well and my mobile is saying I need to upgrade. It seems like a common problem and I dont mean to sound rude but since we are paying for it the problem should be fixed.

I bought a premium account earlier today and it has gone through and is working on my computer but not my iPhone. I tried uninstalling the app and when I log in it shows all of my playlists but if I try to listen it just says "only premium users can stream on demand". Please help?

I have spotify premium but it says i do not on my iphone when I try listening to playlist? please hekp!

I can't login in my iPhone. It keeps saying I have the wrong password. And I got billed twice when I set my account up. What gives? I did use a Facebook login for the free trial but created a separate account when I upgraded to premium. So far I'm not very thrilled with this product. 

Hello. We're aware of problems of some users not being upgraded. We're on the case! In the meantime, I'm going to be posting updates here.

Airhorn Enthusiast

Mt account seems to be working now, thank you

I'm a premium account but doesn't work the stream on demand. It looks like if I'm not a premium user! 
HELP ME please!

Scialguetta - Your Premium seems to be up and running just fine at the moment. Ensure you are using "scialguetta" to log in rather than you a username, and you should be able to get into Premium.
Airhorn Enthusiast

HI! I have the same problem. I have had Spotify premium on my phone for like 3 months and it have been gone well until now. It says that i have to stream and playlists will not play. How do I do?

But it's working on my computer, weird. PLEASE HELP ME

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