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Free Premium Trial error.


Hey guys,


First off I'd like to say that for some reason I believed that I had 2 different accounts. One logs in via Facebook - which uses email address 1 - and one that I log in to via username/password and has an entirely different email - email address 2.


I decided, I wanted to get premium and so, logged into my account on the desktop client via Facebook, I then went to process payment for the free trial. When it opened in the browser, I was logged into the other account using email address 2. I then went and added all my details to the account and got the 30 day free trial on the wrong account (email address 2).


Realising my mistake I removed the trial, logged out and applied my details to the account I wanted premium on - email address 1. When I did this it said the offer has already been used and is now going to charge me.


Is there something that can be done to sort this?


Any and all help is appreciated.


Many thanks.

Who Me Too'd this topic