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The change to the "New Metal Tracks" playlist not adding new tracks

Going to start a new post because this isn't being answered.


I use to look forward to Friday's and getting to listen to new tracks and new albums that came out on the "New Metal Tracks" playlist, but for some reason recently you have changed it so that we don't get any new releases, making the name of the playlist not make sense.


It was the best way to discover new bands and new albums, what happened to just uploading the "new metal tracks" to the "new metal tracks" playlist, why does it look like this now just old stuff that’s been on for weeks now, some of them months, just go back to what you were doing before, uploading new tracks to the start of the playlist and the ones from last week below it, easy to see whats new and what was last weeks playlist.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 12.00.17 copy.jpg
Who Me Too'd this topic