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My account does not have an email address attached to it. Unable to verify email.

Plan : 3 month

Premium - UPI Payment

Country : India


Device : Android


My Question or Issue : 

I can't log in to my account anywhere except on my phone!

I paid for 3 months through the UPI payment option in India (a prepaid plan) on my phone with the Google Pay app. I was signed up and logged in on my phone number using an OTP (One-time password through SMS) and so I didn't enter my email anywhere. I downloaded the windows app and there's no option to login using a phone number. I never set a permanent password for the account or an email address and I don’t have facebook, there’s absolutely no way to log in anywhere else but my phone. When I try to reset my password using a Spotify generated username, I get “Unfortunately there is no email address associated with the specified user. We are therefore unable to send a password retrieval URL to you.”.

This seems like a backend issue and I can’t seem to find a support email or ticket system to solve this.

Note: This is a different account I am posting on, I can’t register my premium account on spotify community for the same reason.

Who Me Too'd this topic