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Option to choose whether to keep songs in their original language or translated to English


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I hope there could be an option whether the user wants the song titles in English or it's original language. I listen to a lot of Korean and Japanese songs and it kind of irks me to see the title being automatically translated in English. Even when I changed the language in my phone to Korean, it's still in English. There is something different with seeing songs in their original language and I believe a lot of people would agree me with me. Please consider this. Especially sometimes I search songs in Korean and it wouldn't show up so I have to look for how it might be translated to English and the translation sometimes is not good so it's hard to find the song. Unless the artist themselves set that this will be the English counterpart of that song's title then it's fine but still would like to keep it in it's original language rather than it getting translated to English/shown in English.

Who Me Too'd this topic