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Delete Spotify Premium

Hello guys, 


so just recently I noticed that for on-going months, I have been paying for spotify premium, although - as I thought - I have not been a spotify premium member. Afterwards, it came to my mind, that I had created a ton of accounts on my mobile device because one could only use spotify for 2 days trial and then it expired. One time, I don't know why but I submitted my paypal and was using the 30 day trial on this account. Because I created a lot of accounts, I just typed in random letters for my details and and random username and can therefore not remember my username and the other stuff. On the other hand though, I would obviously like to cancel my premium membership as I'm not using it.


My question is to kindly remove the premium from this account. If there is anyone who can help me with this issue, I am willing to pm you the details I get in what I see from the payment on my bank account and I'm pretty sure it is possible to find out what the account is via those details.



Who Me Too'd this topic