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30 day free trial

30 day free trial

After 7 day trial,I got a e-mail offer 30 day trial.

It lead me to a webpage to fill in payment data.

I thought it might be 0 dollar trial.

But  my premium start  charging without trial.

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Hey there @czh, welcome to the community!


Sorry for this issue the e-mail offer has caused. The 30-day trial can only be used if you have not taken a trial in the past. There should have been fine print on the e-mail or the checkout page that explained everything. To stop receiving offers via e-mail, be sure to click the un-subscribe link at the bottom of the e-mail.

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but the email says


Try Spotify Premium free for an extra 30 days 
If you enjoyed your free 7 day trial of Spotify Premium, click below to receive an additional 30 days free.


it is a extra 30 day offer

Hi there,


I would suggest you to contact Spotify directly thru their Spotify Contact Form, so they can check your billing & account information . Thanks

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