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Account Hacked

Account Hacked

Account name :



Premium plan




iPhone 6s/Desktop

Operating System

iOS 11


My Question or Issue

My account was hacked, I detected this on the 31/12/2018.

The hacker is using a G3312 phone.

He changed my password and the mail attached to the account (*snip*)

I managed to log back in thanks to facebook login but I want him to stop using my account. Can you guys help me ?


I created this new account with this profil to talk to you guys this is not the account that was hacked because the email was changed I can't verify it to post on the forums. 


Help please





3 Replies

Hey there @Zorni


Sorry to hear you're having this issue.

please check out this help guide on hacked accounts and follow the steps needed.


Let me know how you did 😃

Hello there I already tried that but the end result is a nice automated response that tells me that they will look into it and reply to the email adress that was changed by the pirate... I added my own mail in the description so that they can respond to me directly but so far nothing in my mail box.


Hey there,
Thanks for the update!

Sorry to hear your still having this issue.
You did great responding to the automated mail.
Please note that support can get back within 24-48hrs so let me know that minute something changes.

Have a great one 😃

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