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Account deleted without my permission

Account deleted without my permission



Since a couple of years now, I had a Spotify prenium account (my last payment is the 14th of October). But since one week, I realized that my account has been deleted without my permission. I didn't received any email or anything that could let me know of this. But when I tried to connect with my username, the app told me that my account did not exist.


Now, my account is associated with my facebook profile (it was already the case I think), and I have lost everything. I'm not even a prenium member. So, I wonder what can I do. What is the problem ? Is it possible to find my old profile ? What can I do ?








To post this, I need to reuse my email and my username with this "new" profile (associated with facebook) 

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Hey @Frank1010


I'm sorry to hear about this prediciment your in 😞


Lets try solve this for you:


Are you entering your details correct? (Username not email if on mobile app)


So, I tried one more time to log in on the mobile app, and it worked. But after a few seconds, I'm just deconnected without any reason (I tried a few times already).


In the opposite, I'm unable to log in on the web player.

I suspect that it worked to log in on the mobile app because I had to associate the username with my facebook account though.

@jean3601 : is it possible to have any news concerning my problem? Especially with my new answers?

Now, frank1010 is still unknown while two days ago I could use this username...

Moreover, if the problem goes on, I would like to stop the payment. How can I do that if my account is lost or not considered as a prenium account ?

Hey there @Frank1010, welcome to the community!


Sounds like you need to reset your password. Head over here and reset that password to the account that is giving you trouble. If the username doesn't work, try using the e-mail listed on the account. Once you reset the password, you should be able to log in and edit your subscription details here if needed. If you're still having trouble, then let me know! 🙂

If your case is resolved, please click the 'Accept as Solution' button and add your kudos!

@Merik : As I said, my account has been lost. Now, my email address refer to my facebook account. This account is not the one that I had 2 weeks ago with the same email address. It is the same problem for my "old" login. 


My email address is now linked to my facebook account, because when I tried to connect on Spoitfy, I try to use facebook. So I have the feeling that my account has been deleted suddenly. 

Hey @Frank1010


I appologize for the late reply, I Have been very busy lately


I suggest you contact support so they can assist you with solving your issue 🙂


You can contact support on twitter @SpotifyCares Or you can email Support here.

If you receive a No-Reply email that says to check out the FAQ or Community just reply to that email and Spotify support will contact you 🙂

Support takes 24-48 hours to reply to you if they have not replied to you by tomorrow you can ask me here and i will escalate the issue for you 🙂

I hope this helped solve your issue 🙂

  • @jean3601 : In fact, I already contacted the support before I came here to post my problem. But I didn't get any answer from them (neither a No-Reply email). Should I send a new email?

Thanks you for your answer.







Mmm, strange, well you could try the twitter option (this is the fastest way to speak to Spotify support) but if you don't want to you can send an email and see if you get a No-Reply email (Remember to check your junk/Spam Folder for it too)

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