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Account dropped off the face of the earth

Account dropped off the face of the earth

I've come here because I cant find anywhere to just email spotify and to actually fill in a form I have to login to my account which I cant currently do but I've had to create a new account anyway to post here because I have trouble logging in which is genius.


Anyway this morning my account was perfectly fine but around 10am I've opened my mobile app to be asked to login which it never does to be told my email isnt recognized, so I check I'm using the right email, yep all my spotify email goes to one address but upon checking my emails spotify have asked me to rest my password because of suspicious activity I check everything and it's a legit email so I reset it. The desktop logged straight in everything was there my details my plan etc. It looked fine and I thought sweet no issue but the mobile app was still not letting me in so back to desktop. At this point I was looking around and I decided to make a terrible descion I thought selecting sign out of everything might sort of act as a reboot and I'll sign back in on everything I need to, nope the exact opposite has happened, now nothing recognises my email address it's like my account no longer exists and I want to know am I still paying for it cause it's a premium account is it just gone can I retrieve it basically what's my next step 

2 Replies

has it let you sign in on this website? 


Next step: Contact support with your account's info. 


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