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Android Update - Logging issue - uninstall - Unsync playlist

Android Update - Logging issue - uninstall - Unsync playlist

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LG G6 


Operating System

Android 8.0


My Issue :


Hi Folks, 


It's about 1 month I've been experciencing serious problems of logging in each time I update Spotify under Android.

After updating, I try to run Spotify but it has always been unlogged. I try to log but the server doesn't recognize my login/password and ask me to renew my password, that I don't do cause I know my login/password are OK. In parallel, I check on my desktop and I can login to my account.

That's an issue coming from Android after update only.

So I always have to unistall Spotify and reinstall it and then have to re sync all my offline Playlist !!


Does anyone have the same issue?

If not, can Spotify staff take into account that logging issue please cause it's very upsetting? (is there a way to contact directly the technical staff of Spotify to troubleshoot that issue?)


Thanks in advance Community 🙂






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Hi @Sly7569,

I’m sorry to hear you're having trouble logging in. I recommend checking out this Spotify Answer for more info.

As far as how to reach out to Spotify for more help with this, you can find some more info here on how to do that.


I hope this helps!

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To be honest, this is my first time hearing this issue.

I would recommend you to send contact support by clicking this link.


You may also consider to write a review on the app store. Indicate the brand/model of your phone so they can investigate it as this might be an issue with the Spotify app in regards to compatibility to android devices.


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