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Can I delete a Spotify Connect device from the list?


Can I delete a Spotify Connect device from the list?

Last week I was at my neighbors and I made contact with their Spotify Connect speakers.

Everytime I open spotify it wil play the music from their speakers instead of my iPhone (Even when I'm on my own WiFi network or without a WiFi network). Please say there is an option to delete the speakers from my iPhone (and also my iPad now)!

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Right now it actually looks like the Spotify people have realized that they have an issue here and have an open case that they looking into. I have got two notifications like this with posting them for a while:
"We haven't forgotten about you.
Our best tech folks are still looking into this. We'll be in touch once we have some more information."

If you have players in your Connect list that are on other locations that you can't get rid of, please email Spotify support (email address and ticket number earlier in this thread) and tell them this bothers you too.

Do you think guys in Bang&Olufsen store in Dublin would like to listen jazz today from my account? 😉 Hey Spotify - seroiousy, fix that!

I think that is a terrific idea! Try some difficult experimental jazz very
If stores starts to complain maybe Spotify will put in more efforts to
solve it 😀

After a long time Spotify "higher support" just found out that this is not a bug, they just don't have the feature and recommend me to reply to another thread on their community.... Aghhhsasaa! See answer below.
I don't think they really care.
If a lot of people try to get access to equipment in stores and plays loud music there now and then... stores will probably be very restrictive to give access and then just tell them you won't by things without testing...


Thanks for coming back to us again. We hope you're well.

We've heard back from the tech guys and they are advising that right now we don’t have the ability for users to remove connect devices that are connected to their account. There just isn’t an interface to do this. It’s not a bug, we just don’t have the feature.

If that’s something that you’d like then they should upvote this idea on the community

Please let us know if we can help with anything else.

All the best,
Spotify Customer Support"

I think with a bit more effort they could add the "remove device" function
to their existing app device interface which already offers the possibility
To "hide non local device".

unfortunately I don't think that's enough, as that still means anyone who have had access to your WiFi an Spotify Connect enabled device will have the possibility to play music in your home at any time and you can't do anything about it.
I think connected players must be purged from all accounts in regular basis, like every 12 hour or so.

I connected to speakers from my phone /spotify to someone's speakers thru their wifi. Months later, the person with the speakers was able to mess with my Spotify playlist. 

Has anyone had that happen? 

Ive since changed my password and restricted access. 

Was it a Spotify Connect enabled device, or some with an embedded Spotify
client software?
Tried to sign "out everywhere"?

I had Spotify premium and  was using my iPhone and connected to Sonos speakers. 

I had no idea that 5 months later I was still connected to those Sonos speakers when I was miles away. Then one day my playlist was messed with and I found that Sonos had been an active device. I signed out everywhere and restricted access. 

It's just insane you haven't fixed this yet. It was, as far as I can see, a requested feature as well, causing severe problems to everyone else. From a security perspective, it is highly questionable that you do not purge "guest devices" on an account. And furthermore, are not providing a way to disconnect guests on my own account. The "log out on all devices" doesn't do the trick. People are still able to play music on my system while being hours away from my home.

Yes, it looks like Spotify does not care about our security at all.
Start emailing them directly. They don't read to much here.
If they start getting loads of emails it will be inconvenient and then
something might happen.
Try to get some newspaper write about it.

what to do about a family troll using your own wifi, but you cant change pw of the wifi? Basically youre **bleep**ed forever, because Spotify doesnt care at all. 
At first it seemed perfect, but now i really hate Spotify connect. 
Playing music at night with 100% volume? Yeah happened to me. 
Nobody else is using my account, the spotify app on my android tv (sony) automatically switches via connect to another account! F U CK ME!

Just setup a Google home for someone with my account and now when I'm out and they play music it practically hijacks my phone or I hijack their speakers. This is awful. Only solution is to have them setup their own Spotify account so it stops using my cached version. That's awful that Spotify works like that.

Just wanted to throw in my contribution to this - The fact you can't remove a device association is terrible. I've just had that SpotIamb exploit happen on my phone as well as desktop. I've reset passwords, but any device I've ever played through took all the data from my account? HOW is that smart, safe or efficent coding, Spotify? 

Except this doesn't work. Talk about a security hole

I still do NOT have a solution! Got a spotify premium account and someone, somewhere is also listening on my account. When I listen I can also press listen on Web player (chrome) "spotify connect". But I DO NOT have a clue who this is. 

HOW can I DISCONNECT this device or listener from my premium account. The comments about "disconnect all devices" don't work. 

Now when I listen someone plays polish and portugese music.........

Please come with a good solution

If someone else is using your account, it's probably another security issue
by Spotify.
This thread is regarding possibility to continue to use your own account
and play music to Sponsor Connect enabled players you have had access to.

Or do you mean that someone else is playing Polish and/or Portugal music on
Spotify Connect enabled devices in your home? In that case they don't
listen through your account. Then they are using your device. Maybe your
device is a returned unit that they have had access to previously? Or it
has for some reason got the same identifier for Spotify Connect...

My parents are going nuts because my kids keep accidentaly playing songs on their Heos Spotify Connect sound bar which I used once. The kids are at home of course and the sound bar is kilometers away. What a **bleep** of a feature.

Marked as solution

try doing a factory reset on the soundbar of your parents.... and never
connect again with your Spotify connect account until Spotify fix this

Amazed this hasn't been sorted yet. Spotify, perhaps there's a way that you can claim ownership of a device by connecting via your own WiFi, then any other Spotify connect account connected to this device can be disavowed? I'm guessing the device could be uniquely identifieable to make this possible???

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