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Can not link Spotify to HULU

Can not link Spotify to HULU


I have just activate my premium student account of  Spotify, however, I can not find activate HULU in my account overview.

what should I do?

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Hey @snvkpoxq03qaacz


Are you only looking at the Account Overview tab? If so there is another tab labeled "Your Services" where the linking of Hulu is located in your Account Overview.




There is no "your services"  tab in my account, or maybe I could not find it.

When you get into your account overview, there should be multiple categories located on the left side of the screen. It starts with Account Overview, Subscriptions, Your Services and etc. When you click on Your Services, there you will find the link to link Hulu and Spotify. 




Unfortunately, "Your Services" is not in my account. I have these in my account:

Account Overview


Edit Profile

Change Password



Can you go to your Subscriptions and see whether your premium has kicked in. If not it is likely you have to wait until your Student Premium activates, then you should be able to see the "Your Services" tab.



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