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Can't Connect with Facebook


Can't Connect with Facebook

When I try to attach my Facebook account to my Spotify account, I get the following message:


"Connect to Facebook


Sorry there has been a temporary error, please try again later."


On Facebook, when I go to App Settings -> Spotify -> Edit, I get this error:


"Invalid permission specified

The app requested an invalid permission: whitelisted_offline_access"
I believe I can't use the web client like I would like to until this is resolved, and that would be my preffered option for my desktop (Linux-based).
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I've got the exact same problem like ryangiff68.
Can anyone come up with a solution for this?
Please help.


Hi Meredith


I am unable to connect to facebook and unable to search for friends. When i select "Connect to Facebook" in the spotify app, Facebook opens for a few seconds and then it switches back to spotify without doing anything. When I select "Connect to Facebook" in spotify online, the page refreshes but nothing opens.


Any help is much appreciated.





Im having a similar issue. My problem seems to happen whe I even TRY to connect Facebook. I click on the 'Connect to Facebook' button on both a web browser and in the app, and the screen refreshes and nothing happens... Whats the point of this if your main hook into FB scoial connection is so blaitantly broken? Please fix this issue, or direct me to how to fix this.



I am extremely frustrated by the fact that i cannot connect to facebook. As jadandmuffin said, this is a critical component of the app, and feel i should be refunded for my premium subscription at the very least. 


Please help immediately. 

Same here. It seems to work for some (my friend Jerry Kennedy, for
example), but not others...

it's been 3 years and spotify didn't fix it yet??? wtf?!

Well, apparently bills are paid, no customer care needed anymore. Same problem here, Kafka style. Do have a spotify/fb account, try to connect with my new Spotify account (cause gonna leave fb, it sucks) and then havoc starts: either 'you're already connected to facebook' or 'temporary issue, check back later' (or alike). Peter, still alive?

Aye. Someone needs to fix this. 'Cuz it sucks that I can't join the party everyone else is jammin' at

Same Same Same 😞

Guys, the Spotify people responded quickly and solved the issue right away. My former FB linked account has now been transferred to the new one. So my recommendation to all of you is to wait for a PM from them - and leave Facebook. It's a hybris which has its own unethical rules permitting radicals and agitators to spread their poison big time.

If thats the case, then why isnt a rep from Spotify replying to this thread??? Why is it so quiet...

Can you or someone else help the rest of us with this issue???? No one form Spotify has communicated at all to us on this major problem.

My Facebook is connected it seems, but it keeps saying "connect to facebook", aka, it doesn't reflect it is in fact already connected... anyone else getting this?

I also have this issue.. what do i have to do? 

I'm the same. I can't attach my fb with my spotify. And I'm starting to get a little bit angry cuz I tried a lot of diffrent ways to connect it

After clicking the Connect to Facebook link, I get this message at the top. Has persisted for months and months. Any solution yet, Spotify?

I'm having exactly the same problem... Is there still no solution?

Is there already a solution for this???????? It has been 4 years lol 

I'm still having this problem. 

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