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Can't log in to my account

Can't log in to my account

I can't log in with my credentials to spotify. I get the error: "The username or password is incorrect. (Error code:3).


I can't retrieve my password, because my email-address is "incorrect". I can't even log in with my facebook account which is linked with my spotify account. I get the same error message as above.


And lastly: I can't contact any form of support on this website. I hope someone here can help.


I had to create a new account just to post this..

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same it deleted my account after i paid for premium im really upset you guys need to fix this

Same here. The only proof I have still of my premium account is on my PlayStation. Because have my I'd data saved on my PlayStation. You guys need to fix this. Plus, you guys need a real help line. These Q &A's are just frustrating an annoy an don't ever help.

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