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Can't login on my phone via Facebook.

Can't login on my phone via Facebook.


Today the Spotify android app had logged me out for some unknown reason and now I can't get back into my account at all. I have only an account made with my Facebook account. I tried to login from my PC and both the website and program worked fine. I removed Spotify from the "Apps" page in Facebook as that's how I used to fix such a bug before - now not working. I generated an "App Password" from Facebook, received the email with my username consisting of many numbers, clicked the link in mail to get a password. Tried this in the android app - nothing. I made another account in Spotify using another email that I have and tried logging in the normal way on my phone - again, nothing, same error(s). The errors I get are the following:

Unable to login, please try again later.

Wrong credentials, try again.

I am sure everything I wrote in (a thousand times) was correct, yet it says it is not.

I really love Spotify but this Facebook login has always been super bugged. Now the old fix of removing Spotify from Apps page in FB doesn't seem to work anymore. I have Facebook Lite on my phone. Thought maybe that's the problem so I downloaded the real FB app, tried again - nothing: same errors. PLEASE help...!

I also tried installing a different Spotify version on my phone as well as clearing the apps' cache/data. Also restarted phone after deleting app and before installing another version. NOTHING I do is working, I lost all hope. Guess I better download all my Spotify songs as mp3s asap, just in case the desktop app bugs too and I lose everything :S Any kind of help is appreciated.

Have a nice evening.

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Seems like it was related to my (now old) firmware in some way. After updating it's fine 🙂

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