Can't subscribe to premium; don't want free trial

Can't subscribe to premium; don't want free trial


A few months ago my daughter signed up for the free trial of the premium account using my credit card.  I've decided to get a family premium plan as a gift for the family.  I created a Spotify account, tried to sign up for the family premium plan, and it said I can't because I've already had a free trial (with that credit card).  I don't care about the free trial, so I clicked the link that said "It looks like you’ve taken a trial before, which means you aren’t eligible for this offer. But you can still get Spotify Premium Family." It brought me back to the exact same page and all the plans have free trials (the link is a lie).  I simply want Spotify to take my money in exchange for a family plan - no free trial.  I want the plan to be paid for via my account, not my daughter's.  Thoughts?

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Can you check if you will be able to use the link on this Community Solution:

If if shows 'Page not found,' can you try if you will be able to subscribe to the regular Premium or Premium Individual. If you're able to, you can then switch to Premium Family plan.

Just a reminder, the billing cycle will be shorter due to price difference, but that will only be on the first month. You can check this support page:

It says: "your new payment date will likely be a few days earlier than usual to cover the price difference between Individual and Family Premium." under How does the billing work?

Hope it helps!


I tried the link from the old post and it was Page Not Found.  I also tried another, non-Family Premium plan and got the same message.

The only bypass that I can think of is using PayPal for your payment.

If you're not comfortable with PayPal, you can update the payment information later on. Probably by next payment.

Hope it works now. 🙂


Hey there @Tkauth,


Thanks for writing here about this! 


You can try the following:


  1. Copy and paste this link in an Incognito Window:

  2. Then click on Change Plan.


Let us know what happens 🙂

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Great! Thanks Petya, the only solution that actually worked:)


Because I live in QC can't purchase any plan. I know I can't get free trial. how do I skip the free trial and start paying for ? 


Hey @Marieant,


Thank you for joining the thread!
Have you tried opening the link, provided by @Petya?
If not - please do & let us know how it goes! 🙂

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