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Cannot access account page

Cannot access account page

I have a premium 1 year subscription. I can't log in to my account. I get error code 3. Yes I do log in using facebook. No deleting the spotify app on facebook and re-adding it doesn't work. No re-installing apps on various devices does not work. Somehow I am logged in to be able to send this question but I cannot access my account page on the browser (Chrome). I would like to get into my account please. I really like your service. Plus I paid for it.

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Hey @trodriguez


Looks like we'll need to check your account, so we recommend getting in touch with us via email


We'll carry on helping there 😃 

Hello. I have tried for several days now to go to "account settings" to sign out my Premium. I do not need it any more. The page is down, so it it not possible. I can do everything else. My Premium run out today. I do not accept to get charged any money for one more month as it was not possible to follow your desciptions! This is very annoying to have to spend so much time on Spotify and very annoying not to be able to send you an email or to call you!  

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