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Critical Problems with June 2019 Update

Critical Problems with June 2019 Update






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I want to start off by saying I don’t think I have ever written a review or posted in a community forum for any app before in my life because I just never care enough either way to spend the time. But I use Spotify literally every single day of my life and have been paying for premium for years, and I am to the point that I want to cancel my subscription. I am desperate for SOMEONE to hear my lament in hopes that something will be done, so here we go.


The most recent update has made this service nearly unusable for me personally for the following reasons:


  1. I rarely use the Playlists function, so I typically use either Albums or Artists to navigate through my songs. However, this update has removed the ease of navigating through Albums or Artists because they are NO LONGER IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER. Not only did they remove the index scrollbar, but the “Sorted By” function does not offer any such option. When navigating through my artists, they have completely removed any option to sort them alphabetically unless you “follow” that artist. However, I have countless artists within my saved songs and I don’t really want or need to follow each and every one, especially if I only like one song by them.
  2. When navigating through my albums (my preferred method because I am a visual person and use the album artwork to help me find a song, since there are so many artists I cannot remember them all), if I sort by “artist”, it does not actually sort them alphabetically by artist, as I still find some A’s near the bottom or V’s near the middle?? Everything is completely jumbled up, and NOT ALL ALBUMS ARE EVEN LISTED! Honestly, how am I supposed to listen to my saved music when not all of it even shows up?
  3. A subpoint to this, which isn’t a deal breaker for me like the previous two points, but very annoying nonetheless – when I go to a saved album, it shows me the ENTIRE album, even if I don’t have all the songs saved. I’d prefer if I had the OPTION to view the complete album if I wanted to, or just simply view the songs I saved (like how it used to be). Because I have so many individual songs saved from various albums and artists, I don’t always like every single song on that album or want to listen to the whole thing.


To conclude: I know I am not the only one who feels this way, and if Spotify truly cared about their customers they would do something about it. Updates are supposed to help the customer have an easier, more seamless experience, not make things more complicated. If customers are not satisfied, what is the point? Why “fix” something that is not broken? It would be a shame to have to stop using a service that has helped to broaden my music horizons and once added so much value and ease to my listening experience.

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These are my problems with the update as well. I usually go by my albums to listen to stuff I've saved, but now most of my music is no longer in my albums because I rarely like all songs from an album so I'd naturally omit those songs when saving things. Now at least half, if not more, of my library is in the "liked songs" playlist, which is extremely inconvenient. Nobody in their right mind would see this an improvement. How is making our libraries jumbled and scattered all over the place, making it "easier to find the things that you love" as spotify puts it?


To make things worse spotify has closed the idea people were voting on to bring back the old ui and these features, so they clearly have no intention of listening to their customers. You'd think they'd be all about keeping the people that pay for this service actually paying, but I guess not. The disconnect between what the customers want versus what the developers are giving us is insane.

I've been a subscriber to Primium since 2012 and let me just tell you now, they don't care about what their customers want. This app has been going downhill for a couple years now. With every update there are countless threads here complaining about the "new" stuff and they either completely ignore the threads or they just mark them as "Not Now". I've dealt with a good amount of the terrible updates but this was the last straw for me. I've moved over to Apple Music and honestly could not be happier, it is everything spotify used to be. Only thing Apple Music is missing is a recently played list, but spotify just removed that anyway. If you don't have an iPhone I'd suggest trying out Tidal or Deezer, they are both pretty solid and have good interfaces and (at the moment) they listen to their customers wants. Apple Music is getting some substantial updates this fall, new mobile app, new desktop apps and I'm pretty sure they have or are making an android app. Also Apple Music gives you 3 months for free when you start, so maybe just grab the trial and check spotify every so often, but from how they've treated stuff like this in the past they wont fix anything and they will just double down on these terrible updates.

Does Apple Music offer an “autoplay similar songs when your music ends” function? That is a big one for me and one of the main reasons I have stuck with Spotify for so long.

Couldn't agree more. They've essentially delted lots of my music, as artwork was the tool I'd use as a visual medium to select the music I wanted to listen to! This is so annoying words can not even begin to express! What a hopeless update. 


Why not have a feature in the new, inferior, liked songs section where we can view by albums if they're going to insist on this piece**bleep** update. What a joke. Thinking of moving. 

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