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Over the years, I have ended up with two Spotify accounts. I was having trouble with the older of the two I think because it was connected to Facebook. I disconnected it as far as I know, but was unable to edit my profile, change password, etc, plus had a string of numbers as my username. So I closed that account.


Now I want to update my other account with my main email (the one I was using with the first account), but of course it says that email is in use. Will it ever be possible to update my email to that one or is it gone forever?


I know I can reinstate my first account and delete the second, but I don't want the Facebook connection and I want to be able to edit my profile and password, which it why I deleted it in the first place.


Please advise. Thanks!

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Hi !
You can use "I forget my password" to re-log in the account you want to delete, delete it and then you can change the E-Mail of the account you want to keep.
If you have any problem to do this manipulation you can reply 🙂
Regards, GrifGrif

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