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Didn't choose my username, can't change it, not connected to FB

Didn't choose my username, can't change it, not connected to FB


Premium subscript (at 3months free)




(Samsung Galaxy s10)

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I can't change my username, it's now something like 3ere5w48z7ezqsdf987e987.

I didn't choose this nor did I get a chance to. I did not connect using Facebook.

I used the android app.

How can I choose it?

Don't say "you can't change it", because that would imply I chose it.

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Hello @user-removed!


It sounds like you might be experiencing this Ongoing Issue. However, there's no need to worry. Spotify is looking into it and hopefully everything will be figured out as soon as possible. In the meantime, make sure to comment on the issue report so Spotify can have a better idea of what's going on. 


Hope this helps!

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Hey there!


Unfortunately, it’s not possible to change your username, but you don’t need to remember it. You can log in with your email address and password, or Facebook.

Tip: If you don’t know your email address or password, check out login help


You can create a custom display name that replaces the username where it shows on your profile, app, playlists, and Friend Activity.



I hope I was able to help!

Thank you for your answer.
It's not about remembering this username. I don't want to use FB to login.
It's not about sharing playlists and having a name there.
It's about this name being intrusive in all mobile apps:
See my screenshot.
I also see that name on my smartwatch. 
I don't mind if it's something in the background, but I see it every day.
Screenshot_20190925-170940_Spotify (1).jpg

Unfortunately, the only way to not see that is to connect with FB, or by creating a new account and setting a name when asked 'What should we call you?


If you want to register the new account with the same E-mail, the Spotify support team will need to delete your current account in order to free up the E-mail address. 


After you sign up to the new account, they will also be able to transfer all your playlists from the old account to the updated one. 


Contact the support team using the online contact form or alternatively, E-mail them at    


Hope this helps



Thank you for your answer.


I did what you suggested, I used Spotify chat support to create a new Spotify account, while choosing a displayname. The support chat helped with freeing up the email address and transfering my playlists.


After doing so, if I checked the Andriod Spotify app I did see this displayname instead of the inreadable username. However, I still see this unreadable username on the Samsung Watch (Active2) Spotify App. But perhaps this is just a shortcoming of the app.


Now all this is leading to a new issue. Since I had created a community account with a displayname, I cannot choose this displayname anymore on this new community account. 


I already closed my previous community account. As you can see in the original post, it says "user-removed". However I cannot choose the username that should've been freed up.

Ik heb het een uurtje later nog eens geprobeerd en het lukte nu wel.


Bedankt iedereen voor de antwoorden en de hulp.

Good to hear it!

Sry for Dutch:

Ik tried again an hour later and could change the username to the one from the deleted community account.

Thanks to everyone for the follow-ups.

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