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Discover Weekly Playlist Error or Glitch?

Discover Weekly Playlist Error or Glitch?



I was wondering if anyone could help me.I know the My Discover Weekly playlists are usually changed each early Monday morning.However,for some weird reason my Discover Weekly playlist changed a few hours ago tonight (Saturday night),it just deleted my last weeks playlist and changed it to a bunch of new songs (instead of Monday). I usually listen to my weekly discover playlists every Saturday night and save some of the songs to my playlist before they get changed late Sunday night/early Monday morning,but they were completely gone and changed to a new weekly discover playlist,before I could save them. Now I've lost all those songs,and have no way to get them back,and I really wanted to save some of them to my library,before they were supposed to change it on Monday morning.


This isn't the first time this has happened, about a month ago I went to check my discover weekly playlist on a Saturday night only to find it had changed to a new weekly discover playlist on Saturday night,and not on Monday morning,like it's supposed to.I had thought it was just a random mistake,but this is twice it's happened now, abruptly changing and replacing my weekly discover playlist too soon on a Saturday night instead of early Monday morning,like it's supposed to.


Is there anyway to restore my Weekly Discover playlist to get my songs from last week back,before it changes early Monday morning,or am I stuck with the new songs and can't get my weekly discover playlist songs back? If there's anyway any of you guys can help,or let me know why my discover weekly playlist sometimes keeps changing on a Saturday night,instead of early Monday morning??Is this just a weird error or glitch I'm experiencing that sometimes changes my discover weekly playlist too often or before it's supposed to?Is it possible someone can somehow restore my weekly discovery songs until Monday somehow? I'd really appreciate any help you can give. I use Spotify on my PS4,and on my Android tablet,and both changed to the new discover weekly playlist,making it impossible to get my discover weekly playlist songs that I was supposed to have until early Monday morning.


If there's anyone who can help,or fix this problem,I'd really appreciate it.Thanks!

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Hey @deadlydarkside, welcome to the Community!


That's odd. I've never seen something like this before, but there's no need to worry. Reach out to us via Twitter with your account info.


They'll take a look at your account to see if the playlist can be recovered.


If this issue ever happens, don't hesitate to let us know about it 🙂 

Hi Sergio,

Thanks for responding to my post,and for your help looking into this.I really appreciate it.Yeah,it's very weird,but it's not the first time this weird error/glitch happened,it happened about a month before, one time around the end of February or early March,which I didn't report then because I thought it was just a one time error or mixup.So when it happened again on April 14, I knew something weird was going on,and had to let you guys know.


I don't have a Twitter account,but I did email Spotify Customer Support when it happened (about 10 days ago),and someone named Jannina did email me back on April 15th.Unfortunetly, they said that there was no way to retrieve any previous weeks’ Discover Weekly playlists,which I was abit disappointed about,because that Discover Weekly playlist had alot of really good songs on it,which I haven't been able to get again.I was hoping some of the artists or songs might appear on my Daily Mix on the Spotify on my tablet,but they didn't.

I don't know if there's any way you can recover my Discover Weekly playlist from the week of April 9th-April 13, but if it's possible you can recover it somehow,I'd really greatly appreciate it.I don't have a Twitter account,but I can private message my account info to you,if that's okay instead? My username on Spotify is DeadlyDarkside,and I use Spotify on my PS4,and on my Kindle Fire tablet. If you need any more of my account info (like my email address), please let me know, and I'll message you with the info you need.Thanks again for your help,and response.

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