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Discover Weekly algorithm messed up - reset it?

Discover Weekly algorithm messed up - reset it?

Premium, Samsung S21, Android 12


For several months now the algorithm has appeared to be broken, or at the very least; very biased.


For context: I played two Russian songs on repeat for a couple of weeks last autumn, and more than 1/3 of the tracks in Discover are now Russian. Every single week without fail. Today I had to hide 9 or 10 Russian songs, which seems absurd since I don't even play those two songs I initially liked, anymore. This doesn't appear to happen if I listen to a lot of, say, German music (which I do every week). 


The genres of the Russian recommendations seem all over the place (ie music I would play, such as hyperpop), so it seems to me that it's the Cyrillic alphabet that affects the algorithm? In any case, it's getting very, very old - and preventing me from discovering music that's related to my current listening habits. 


Is there any way to forcibly reset these recommendations? 

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