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What happened to my Spotify Plus Premium account that I was paying $2.99/month for.  It started in August of 2021 and you all stopped charging me in Feb 2022.  I realize it may have been a beta test and you don't offer that plan anymore but I received no communications at all from Spotify and have searched your sorely lacking support offerings and find no mention at all of this premium account offering.   Please advise if this plan is still available and if so why am I no longer being charged?      



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Hey @plzmayispktoemployee,

Spotify Plus was only a test subscription plan indeed. 
After its end, all user accounts using it were reverted to free, in order for their owners to avoid any unwanted costs.
Hope this clears things up a bit 🙂

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A basic committment to the minimum standards of customer service dictates spotify provide a notice to consumer of the termination of service or at the very least make that information available via the website and/or app, in the faqs or in the support section. Instead i had to jump through hoops, make  separate account and generally waste time to get a perfunctory answer. My negative experience as a test subject combined with the lack of transparency regarding content creators who have paid to have their content promoted via spotify recommends algorithm makes me conclude that spotify is a lousy company with lousy quality streams and even lousier customer service.  Thank you for narrowing the potential pool of streaming services and making my decision on which streaming service to patronize in the future a whole lot easier. 

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