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Facebook and e-mail aren't connecting

Facebook and e-mail aren't connecting

I have been using Facebook to log in to Spotify since I started using this app 5 years ago. Just less than a year ago my e-mail was hacked so I had to deactivate it. I believe this is causing me problems when I am now needing to log into Spotify. 


I have already changed - through facebook my email and it comes up as changed on my facebook accounts page - however on Spotify it does not seem to recognise these changes and therefore can not log me in.


When I try to log in using facebook the message 'login error: there is an error in logging you into this application. Please try again later'.


Any help is advised 🙂 

4 Replies

The same here.

Facebook logging in is not working neither on web player nor on desktop app.

Same here ! Can't connect from Facebook since 2 days ! Here is the problem

I couldn't connect to Spotify community to write this message, I had to "register" again my account with my Facebook account and it worked. How ? I've already registered this account. I tried to "register" again my Facebook account on the desktop app, but it didn't worked and showed the same error.


I pay for this ! I expect a commercial gesture. Julien.


Same. I want to use the "find friends" feature but every time I try connecting to Facebook nothing happens. Tried following all the stuff people suggest here but none of it works. I tried disconnecting the app from my facebook and redoing it, nothing. I tried making a new account with my facebook account instead, nope. Signing in with Facebook since it keeps telling me it's already linked, nope (tells me the account doesn't exist). At this point it just seems like they're offering a feature they don't want users to you and I'm getting really frustrated. 

Omgosh I cannot connect to my old account through using the only Facebook account I’ve ever had associated with my Spotify account! Which means, it starts a whole new open account for me, and I Have Lost all my old music and Playlists!  worst ever. Please halp!

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