Facebook login windows 10 spotify app


Facebook login windows 10 spotify app







Lenovo thinkpad X230

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

i just downloaded the Spotify app for windows 10 desktop. when i go to login i have to login with Facebook as that was how i initially created the account. when i click the button to login with Facebook it takes a minute then a red box appears saying that my firewall or proxy settings are causing issues. (error code 8 )

1) i don't have a proxy

2) i let both Spotify music and Spotify the app through my firewall to attempt to fix this problem it didn't.

apart from this i searched the forum to check if this was happening elsewhere and in most cases it seems to be due to a change of country. where as, i am still in my home country where i have always been. i have also uninstalled and reinstalled the program twice to no avail and have attempted logging in with my Facebook credentials directly to the Spotify login fields.

i also checked my Facebook account credentials and everything is as it should be regarding country and connection

any help is greatly appreciated.


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Spotify Legend

Hey there @LlamaLeon


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this. 

Do you mind sending us a screenshot showing the exact error message you see? Just attach the image to your next response to us. This way we can take a closer look at the issue. 

We'll look out for your reply.