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Forgot username and email account is deactived

Forgot username and email account is deactived

I forgot my username and my email I used to create this account I've been locked out of. It's a premium account and not a Facebook account. I can't figure out what my username was and I'd like to listen to music! Please help!
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Hi @larivierekim! Since the email associated with your account is no longer in use, I would recommend getting in touch with support through this from. This is the "anonymous" contact form, so you'll be able to input which email you want them to reply to. For the form to work, make sure you are completely logged out of, otherwise it will automatically use the email of the account you are logged into! Please note that you will most likely receive an automated email back from support directing you to the forums or the FAQ page; just ignore that, and reply back directly to that email (even if it comes from a no-reply address), and support should help sort your issue out as soon as they can.


Let me know if there's anything else I can help you, and best of luck!

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