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Hacked account

Hacked account

My account was hacked. Stupid enough the person unauthorized using my account, connected there facebook to my account. i was able to contact the person to let them know i would " report them to the local autority for hacking my account'' I dont think they are using it any more. but i am not able to remove his name off my account and everytime i log back into spotify his facebook account is still linked to my spotify. Mahrez Frero is his name and facebook name. Please help on how to remove his name from my account 



PS: when confronted said hacker, he stated that someone gave my account to him as a gift. 

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Hey @chuonghenry! So you have recovered your account from the person who breached your account and need to get their Facebook account unlinked from your account, correct? Unlinking a Facebook account should be easy, just follow these instructions. I hope this can help you!

Hello , thanks for the prompt response, i have tried this multiple times.
when i try to link my own facebook , it pops up as his name again.

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