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How do I permanently delete devices on my account?

How do I permanently delete devices on my account?

For the past few months, every time my neighbor starts playing music from his account it always connects to either my phone or computer and interupts my music. I have done the logging out of every device multiple times but it never changes anything. I have never met my neighbor or had any contact with him so I don't know why his music connects to my device. Even if I am miles away, it connects. It's pretty annoying.


Is there a way to either permanently stop devices from syncing or blocking a certain device from syncing to my devices.?

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@MPreuss91 There is a way to delete devices off your account. What you can do is by going to and log into your account. Once you have logged in look to the top left corner and you will see "Profile" click on that and then "Account" It will then bring you to your account informations and on the left side you will see category that says "Offline Devices" Click on the device that you believe isnt yours and that should do the trick


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Do you share same taste in music? if yes, then why disconect his account , sharing music with someone you don't know yet is a good start 🙂

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