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I Cannot Find Myself By Searching My Artist Name

I Cannot Find Myself By Searching My Artist Name







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My first song was just released on Spotify today. I can search the song title and the song comes up and from there, I can click on my artist profile and that will take me to my artist page. I can also search the feature artist, and she comes up as well as the song. However, if I search my artist name - The Lost Kids - nor the song or my profile appears. There is another account under The Lost Kids, but they are the only ones that appear. Please Help.

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Hi thelostkids!


Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community!


I've searched for The Lost Kids on Spotify and I've found two artists. Is the one in the file attached your profile?


Bear in mind that the search function is based on the number of followers. If your profile is new it's normal that you don't always find it. Try to gain some followers and you'll find it easily.


Hope this helps.




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Thank you for the response. This is my account.

I just tried searching for it on my own and can still only find one artist. (not mine) I received the same info from my distributor that; once my account gains some activity, it will fit into Spotifys search algorithm and it will be able to be searched by the public.

Hey @thelostkids,


Just jumping in here, that info from your distributor is correct as Spotify's search results are algorithm based and the more popular/interaction you should hopefully see this over time and other factors.


Best of luck with your content on Spotify if you need any help your distributor is your best point of call or the Artists Services Team which can be reached at the bottom of the FAQ for Artists if that can't help 🙂 

I've had a page for months and it still does not show up in any of the search results when typed exactly correct.
I've told people to just search for me on spotify only to have them not able to find me.. (thanks so much spotfiy)..

I've been waiting for my page to be indexed correctly to maybe promote it more. As in "search this on spotify"

I should not have to worry about a fraudulent, insidious, demeaning algorithm giving useless unrelated results.. hiding the exact thing typed in the search box for something else.. why would you even program it like that?
not very friendly, equitable or helpful to any artist, no matter how big or small.

Hey @AtomicFox,


Thanks for posting here.


In this case we'd suggest you head here and get in touch with our team at Spotify for Artists. The folks there can look into this further and give you more information on the matter.


The Community is here for you if there's anything else!

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