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Surprised more people aren't running into this issue, but what an arbitrary way to alienate customers. I've been using Spotify premium for years, unaware of the 10k limit, and finally hit it recently after building up a huge library of music. All this time invested only to find out I can't add any new music to my library and for what reason? Maybe I'm missing something, but it's essentially a totally random limit on bookmarks that's only going to impact power users (ie: Spotify's best customers). As a result, I've canceled my premium membership and am now using Google Play, slowly building up a new library from scratch. I'm genuinely surprised that Spotify either doesn't see this as an issue or doesn't care, but until it's addressed I won't be returning. Very disappointed. 

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Casual Listener

Just hit this 'limit' - beyond livid.  The service as a whole is just going to the wall.  The 'limit' is totally non-sensical. Get it together Spotify.

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I agree !!  I tried to download some new songs and I was notified that my library is full.

Stupid remark for a big company and I am paying for a premium account.

What can we do about this situation ?


Thanks !

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I've switched to Google Play Music for this reason for more than a year ago and have been a very happy customer since. Their library is unlimited, albeit you can "only" upload 50.000 songs (MP3s) of your own... 5 times as much as the total library limit on Spotify.


I can't believe this still hasn't been fixed, as it should be very easy for a company witch such a modern software architecture. It might only be a problem for about 1% of Spotify users, but - as others have stated here before me - those 1% probably are the most dedicated and passionate users.


Google Play Music still has some catching up to do concerning music discovery, but I'm sure they'll get there in the end. When they do, there's literally no unique selling point left for Spotify.

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I completely agree with you ! This 10k song limit is ridiculous and there
sill is not a solution to alphabetize the playlists. I am also part of the
1% and ready to drop Spotify all together. And I am a premium member !!

If Spotify's CEO and upper management does not care about the needs and
request of the 1%, then in reality, that tells me and everyone else, that
they DO NOT CARE ABOUT anyone except them selves !!! And MONEY !! NO
Customer support is a reflection of their LACK of CONCERN !!

A company this size and there is no way to call them and sending emails is
a big pain - NOTE - they ignore us anyway.

I can call Apple care and have a rep on the phone is 5 minutes !! Same with

I would like to hear a reply form Upper Management and speak to them on the

I am waiting to hear from you !!

Herb Isenberg

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I've reached this limit today. And I've also been a premium subscriber for some time now. It's a bit annoying. I mean, ok, I could/should make room and clean the albums I'm not listening on a regular basis, but it's not the point. Because the point is that I like to have all these songs and albums available and chose whatever I want whenever I want without the need to take time to find what I could be listening to. Because I listen to spotify 90% of the time at work, I don't want to spend too much time searching for stuff I could have already saved in my library (basically like my records collection at home).


Also, I make a lot (A Lot !) of playlists of all kind and music genres. And I love to have them available on the go, and being able to use them for all kind of situations and moments. So, reaching this limit is a bit annoying. And I must say that I don't really understand the technical limitation it represents (if there is any ?). So I want to strongly add my voice to the other here and ask you, Spotify, to cancel this limit and give us at least 10x more songs available to save in our library.



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Given the position that Spotify has taken regarding the 10k song limit -
the question becomes "What are we going to do about i?"

In Politics, when people are upset with the government, they come together,
and protest, March on Washington - speak out, sign petitions and so on.

What if 5 million Spotify subscribers were to take simliar actions ? What
is Spotify would receive 1-5 million emails everyday - protesting the 10k
song limit ?

Do other feel that if 5 million protesters were to make voice heard - would
Spotify listen ?

Thank you !

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Casual Listener

Extremely dissappointed with this as well. Considering we pay monthly and they make such a big deal about showing you new music "Discover weekly", "Release Radar" etc. More and more people are bound to run into this limit. But it seems they haven't wanted to do anything about this for a long time. I've paid for spotify for quite awhile and this very much makes me want to go to Apple. A few of my friends are contemplating doing the same. If i'm driving, I want to be able to select one library or playlist and hit shuffle rather than searching for artists, stations, or multiple playlists because they fail to accommodate for this growing issue.

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I second this. Hopefully later down the road we can expect to increase this limit.

In the meantime, if anyone is interested in a workaround for this 10,000 limit - try saving your music as playlists instead. The best way to do this is to create a playlist FOLDER labeled "Albums". Now you can save full albums as playlists in this folder, without affecting your "Saved Music" limit. Not the most ideal solution but it works for me. It allows me to browse and easily play albums I enjoy.

Note: If you're not much of an "album person", you can shuffle play all items in the folder.

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This is dissapointing, I just migrated my libary using the new tools from Spotify/Microsoft and the migration worked well but of course I immediately hit my 10,000 song limit. I have about 3,000 albums that I have collected since i was a young boy and so having my music listening history in one place is important to me. This was easy in Groove but now with the spotify limit I am unable to see all the albums and also can't tell which albums are missing. Yes I can play them by going to search but it doesn't help me with browsing my history in a visual way. Please raise this limit.