Location of user information on desktop and android

Location of user information on desktop and android

I recently purchased a new laptop while on holiday, and am currently still on holiday. long story short I can no longer remember my Facebook password as I pretty much never use it nowadays and when it came to logging into spotify, as you can assume I was unable to. However my android phone is currently logged in to spotify and I was wondering if there was any way to copy the user data (the files that allow for the device to automatically login) and copy them on my new laptops spotify directory.
That way I will be able to access my spotify music on my laptop ad free. If not I can always wait until I get home in 3 weeks and find the piece of paper with all my passwords on it.


If the files are compatible and this is possible could anyone point me in the direction of where the files would be stored on either device so I could copy them over.

- Thank you Luke H


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Hey @Chemicallynerd


Sorry to hear about this problem.


Copying files over from the Android app to the desktop app to login is not possible.


You will need to login to the desktop app with your Facebook username and password. If you can't figure out your password you might have to go to Facebook and reset your password.


I wish you luck!

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