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Login script loading fails

Login script loading fails

Now, ive ended up logging in through a mobile device, but this might be a problem for others too, so here it is: when i tried to login, because for some reason i was logged out, trying to log in again didnt work. The button wouldnt do anything. I went snooping in the console, and found this log warn : "Loading failed for <script> with source" now, whenever i click the button, it sends an error that has to do with this, because it says "t.grepatcha" is undefined, probably because the recaptcha thing wasnt even loaded. You guys need to fix this bug, im just reporting it.


Also, before i was able to log in through mobile, i realised how dumb this help forum is. It's about problems with logging in, but you need to log in to post a problem... Maybe change that too?

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Hey @tissou63,


Sorry to hear you're having issues logging in. Have you by any chance got an ad blocker extension installed in your browser? If so, whitelist and it should solve your issues.


If that doesn't work, I recommend clearing your cache in your browser. Here's instructions to do it based on your browser:

Thanks, hope this helps!


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