Lost Premium Account


Lost Premium Account

I signed up as a Premium User three months ago and have had no issues until last week. For some reason when I tried to open the service on my phone (Samsung GS4) it asked me to login. This had never happened previously. I tried to login but could not, so I elected to reset my password. When I attempted to log in once more I got an error message saying I was trying to login in the wrong country. For some reason my phone defaults to a UK account. I read a couple of forum posts and then went back to my profile and reconfirmed that my account was US based. So now I can log in but it takes me to a free account and none of my content, e.g. playlists show up. So I eventually filled out a contact form and was given a case number: 01116719. That was fine days ago and I have heard nothing. I filled out another form today to try and move things along. One last detail, I also use my account on my tablet and so I just checked to see if I was logged on to my original account there. The playlists and other content were showing but greyed out, but then it refreshed to the login page. I went offline and reopened the app. All the playlists were listed and in my account settings it said I was logged in as "12102547032".

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Hmmm.. thats really odd. Are you sure you are not logged into a duplicate account? Also, i have escalated your case number to Spotify staff so they can try and see what might be going on 🙂

Hope this helped 🙂

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Re: Lost Premium Account


@atarran16 -- someone from the support team seems now to have got everything resolved. Sorry it didn't turn out exactly as you wanted!


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